Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wear your magic

It's a phrase that I coined about my tattoos. The ink I wear is very much an expression of inner workings. It sometimes seems to have pushed its way to the surface when the time was right. The paw print - both dog and wolf, the elements, the enso, the tree of life with the crow and wolf, the three dots symbolising whatever trinity I'm focused on at the time...all part of my magic. 

It's what I call on when I need insight, peace, strength or healing. It's the bridge between my human doing and my spiritual being.

Some days the jewellery I wear feels the same way. Each piece means something to me. It symbolises a feeling or carries a memory; beyond precious to me. Although none of it is financially valuable it all gives me power.

Clothes, too, can maketh the woman. For me, favourite linen draped, or soft, layered t-shirts. A perfectly fitting pair of jeans. The boots that put a spring in my step. The big, heavy scarf that wraps me in warmth and and childhood memories of dressing-up.

I love to wear my magic. Even when it looks like muddy wellies. Maybe, as a true 'earth person', especially then! Which reminds me...'Elemental'. I don't know about you but I feel it more as I get older. More aware than ever of the source of things and how I am made of nothing more.  Nor do I need to be. The smell of fallen leaves at this time of year brings it especially close as they mulch down into the earth, softened by rain, or blow spiralling in the air to be gathered into bonfires. All these and the circle of spirit coming together to make Life.

So when I thought about mixing hand-drawn tattoo design with words, for clothing, these were the phrases that first offered themselves. Others followed and will be finished soon but with the glorious full moon lighting up my sign of Taurus today I thought I'd cut the virtual ribbon now.

So here it is. The reinvention of The Art Of Wildness in a slightly different form! I'm loving working on these ideas, there's lots more to come.



  1. as you can imagine, this speaks volumes to me. i wear my tattoos as a timeline - my holster is just that, each tattoo around my waist tells a story, even their timing and i love every painful dot. (and the hips/back is so very painful!!)

    i love your new venture - i love the art work and the meaning. my favorite part of chinese medicine is 'the five elements' and i always wished my school was more interested in this part of the medicine, than being so traditional. i decided to be an herbalist, (at the time you could choose, now you have to be both), because that's where the 5E theory existed and now, 15 years later and out of practice, it's what i remember the most.

    anyway, bravo!! xo