Saturday, 25 October 2014


New moon, new weather, new time...and yet it's not is it? It's all simply another turn around. A return.

As the trees drop their leaves so we drop many of the ways in which we receive mental, spiritual and even physical nourishment from outside ourselves. Our 'sap' drops and we turn inwards to build with the strength we've gathered. That's how it feels to me. I find peace in that rhythm. I look forward to the winter dreaming - winter and North are, I feel, my home and now that I've realised that and learned how to 'do' winter naturally for me, it's a special time.

Last night I felt the urge to journey. That's something I haven't done in months, since last spring in fact. Not properly. I somehow lost the ability to do it. To find that space and my guides. So last night I didn't know what to expect but felt very much as though I'd been left strict instructions to call home.

I have to say it was a powerful experience and completely unpredictable, except for the fact that it was the wolves who were waiting for me. I wonder why it is that my experience takes this form. I suppose there could be some other world that we can access in times of deep peace. Or maybe my personal filters shape 'Whatever It Is' as wolves because I like them. Or, my theory: in the Oneness, the thread of life that is me-shaped, is close to wolf-shaped threads so communication between us is relatively easy. Who knows? Not us. I just go with it and listen.

What with this and a few other things this week I feel a bit as if I'm back at Spirit University and have just gone through a week of intense learning with many years yet to go. The summer has been so good to me - I bring new resources and new vitality to the table (desk?).

The (r)evolution of me is not about turning things upside down and rebuilding; it's about the turning through the wheel and growth towards the best version of me I can muster. Growth that will continue my whole human life and beyond. I welcome The Autumn Practice.

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  1. growth is spectacular and yes, the summer was an amazing period of time...i feel so grateful for my awakening.