Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Motivation

I had all sorts of things lined up for this post today but then something I saw on the way into work pushed them all aside. I was driving along one of those fast roads that run between villages and towns, full of people who drive that route every day and so do it much too fast. It's almost but not quite straight and currently covered in mud. The traffic braked as we approached a 'Police Slow' sign.

We all filed past a car in the ditch - nose down, windows smashed, lots of police tape and policemen - and (thankfully) standing next to it was a young man. I'd say he was about 18 or 19. He was clearly physically unhurt but wild-eyed with shock.

What really grabbed me was that a woman, I'm guessing his mother, was standing behind him. Shorter than him by a good few inches, she had her arms wrapped as tight as she could make them around his shoulders and chest. She was pale with fright and her face was a study in sheer, undiluted gratitude. There was another car pulled in, undamaged, a few feet away, and I imagined this boy crashing his car and instantly calling his mum who called the police and then got there to his side within moments.

My heart knotted and my eyes filled as I continued on past, deep in appreciation for all the love in my life. There's so much stuff around me, tangible and otherwise, that I could lose and it would really not matter. I am blessed to know and understand that I also live in the presence of great love and that here and now, today, I have so very much to hold close and be grateful for. That's all the motivation I need.

1. This land  2. My loves, my team  3. Time in nature  4. My wild child
5. Introspection  6. My boy  7. Home  8. Friends
9. My girl  10. Wearing my magic  11. Home  12. Jackson, who would've been 16 yesterday
13. Home  14. Sacred Natural  15. Nourishment  16. Joy

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