Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday Motivation

It's been a week of birthday, and birthday party planning and doing, with not much room for much else besides the basics and an assault on E's bedroom that went beyond the call of duty. I didn't run and - as I have discovered is my way when I don't let my body move - I ate badly. Over the weekend there may have been party food. There may have been a slice of pizza and some cake. Pesto; there was non-vegan pesto. I know it's hardly deep-fried Mars bars but still, it's made me feel physically horrible, I mean really horrible, even down to a mysterious black eye that I woke up with this morning. What's THAT about?

So this week is back to health because frankly, I bloody love it. I also have other things going on that I'm looking forward to so here, for today's MM, are just a few things I'm seeing along the way.

My collection of ink pins
No, not a typo, a Pinterest board. My next tattoo is in the planning stages and as I'm designing it and it's quite complex, it's also slow-moving. My tattoos are all about wearing my magic and this one will be the biggest example of that so much care is being taken. Inspiration is often found on my trusty Pinterest boards.

And yes another one
On Thursday I'm going dahn the 'airdressers' and having my hairs did. Tired of dyeing my hair to cover up the grey/white (and hating that it just doesn't take properly anymore and I end up looking like, as a friend once said of herself, Severus Snape. Even with a Lightest Ash Brown.) but not inclined to cut it all off and start again, I'm having the lightest possible, ashiest possible, 'grey' highlights put in gradually over the next few months so that I can eventually just stop and let my own (lack of) colour take over. I am very excited. This feels like a major piece in stepping up into this stage of my life and fully owning it. However, I'll admit to a slight pang when I said to the colourist at our consultation,'Oh it may still be quite brown at the back, I can't see..' and she replied, '' Apparently, my white hair is now 'universal'. Who am I to argue with the universe? I've picked up a whole lot of new followers on this board too so clearly, there's a lot of us wannabe Deny The Dye-ers about.

The Nonhuman Rights Project
I have a great interest in this work. I believe it's a truth that is ready to be embraced by the wider world and once that happens, it opens the door to all sorts of questions and concepts that could really change who we are as a species. In a good way.

Running a faster 5k
Without the structure and impetus of the C25k programme I'm finding it all too easy to excuse myself from running. 'It's too cold/wet/dark', 'I'll do it tomorrow','I get bored'. So there's a new plan in town. 5k again, but faster. With some hill work. This training schedule will help.

The Long Barrow
I have no plans for leaving this life anytime soon but I love love love this project and would dearly like to reserve a space. Bit morbid? I don't think so. I love my part of the world for all the ancient sites and have been fascinated with the burial mounds and, specifically, the West Kennet Long Barrow since I was a kid. I have plans to take Evie to (re)visit as many as we can get to over the next year.

That's it.


  1. when i was in art school 100 years ago, we had to create our own art history books - mine was two part and the first one was Celtic Art and its influences on Modern Art. And in the back, I wrote an entire page in an ancient Celtic language that at the time I had an alphabet for. I need to translate and see what my 20-something self wrote.

    Good on you for going all silver. I'm too vain to do so yet, and also, I don't have enough white (at least I don't think I do), to do so.

  2. ohhhh! I want to reserve a niche too! #awesome

  3. that barrow is a marvelous idea!

    love your ink board -- i've been pondering a tattoo for ages and ages but i agree, it's wearing your magic so it ought not to be done without careful consideration. ;)

    the silver/grey hair is gorgeous! when i cut off my dreads i unearthed a whole lot more grey than i'm sure i had before i got them (?!) but still not a satisfactory amount. i just put some henna in my hair - cos it's so earthily marvelous -- it covers the grey perfectly, but it's more of a hold-over until there's enough grey to wear it that way. did that make sense? i never thought of getting grey highlights! grand idea.