Friday, 3 October 2014

Making space

Some weeks you sit and take stock, feel gratitude, build your resources and simply enjoy. Others you move forwards on your path.

Remember this post where I said:
But I believe there comes a point when the actions of many individuals [i.e., child trafficking, animal abuse, Female Genital Mutilation, slavery, mass deforestation etc], over time, reach a tipping point and the result takes on its own form. It becomes an entity in itself...It exists on a societal, cultural, historical level within the collective consciousness. It has moved from being an intention within the minds of individuals to an actual entity...It is arguable that it is now a disease within the universal body...Here's what else I'm thinking: if these tangles of stagnant, twisted energy ... are in the collective consciousness then maybe the most effective 'untangler' is a healing collective.
A few days ago I got a newsletter from astrologer Sarah Varcas in which she said:
We begin October with Uranus and Chiron highlighting the need to find new ways to both accommodate and heal woundedness at the personal and collective levels. They have been working together on this issue since June, simultaneously exposing where we are most wounded and offering tools to further the process of healing and the embodiment of wholeness. The first week of October plays out against the backdrop of a square between Mars and Chiron which reminds us that the imperative to heal comes hand in hand with the responsibility to do so not for our own personal gain but to ultimately bring the collective back into a state of balance. The healing which occurs in our minds and hearts, bearing fruit in our own lives, is simply a tiny microcosm of the rebalancing required in the collective consciousness to which we each add our own unique resonance. 
Hell yeah. And when I wrote that post I heard that inner voice tell me,'You know how you contribute to this. You know what works through you. You can already do it.' And so kicked off Round 37 in my love/hate relationship with reiki. Because it's true. I have always thought that how reiki works is to clear/untangle the route of Life energy, and on both a personal and collective scale. So why haven't I been doing it?

Really, really stupid reasons.

  • I don't like the Reiki Biz. (No one's asking you to take part.)
  • There are loads of 'practitioners' out there who don't know their reiki arse from their reiki elbow. (You don't need to be one of them.)
  • Where's the proof it works? (Are you kidding me? You've seen and felt it many times. Whaddya want...a BBC documentary?)
  • How does it work? (Who cares? We don't know yet. So what?)
  • What if it's a load of hokum? I'll look like an idiot. (Already happening.)
  • I think westerners using Japanese healing techniques is like totally cultural misappropriation, Dude. (WTF? So you'd never do yoga either? Yeah, no, thought so. See bullet point above.)
  • 'Reiki People' are the kind of New Agers who make me squirm. (Get over yourself; you read astrology newsletters and wear a crystal you judgemental git.)

Yeah. I'm proud of myself.

As I started to look at reiki again I came across an interview with Pamela Miles and she was speaking my language. I bought her book and it's pure gold. I was already feeling right at home when I came to this bit:
Reiki might be involved in the alignment of quantum events. Enhancing order in the quantum underpinning of material reality might lead to what physicists call a 'phase change', a minuscule adjustment that tips the scales to a discernible change such as happens when water freezes to ice.
'Enhancing order', ya say? Count me in. Pamela also talks about reiki not being an 'energy' in itself - like the chi, ki and prana it is frequently likened to - but instead more of a vibration or pulsation that works on subtle levels of a bio-field to break down (what I refer to as) 'tangles'. This is such a great description of my experience and one that I couldn't have expressed myself.

These days I am less attached to an outcome or measurable proof. I am happy with possibility, the 'what if', and healing too slow for my human awareness to see it. I no longer believe in a right or wrong way to practice reiki because all I need to do is be present, witness with compassion, and be open to it. I don't see reiki as a 'healing technique', but more as a meditation-type practice that smooths out tangles. It makes space for healing, just as yoga and meditation do. My doubts about the ease with which it can be taught and practiced are gone because the whole beauty of reiki is that it is easy to learn and practice.

It looks as if Round 37 may be the final round and one that ends in love. As is only fitting.

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  1. lately, it seems like you and i are this side by side action you've gone back to reiki, i'm going back to chinese medicine. i was so black and white in thinking chinese medicine is acupuncture and herbs, the end. and because i don't want that part of practicing anymore i saw it as the end. i forgot that these are two, minor adjuncts of a complete system and so i'm no exploring all the 'other stuff' that is chinese medicine. xo