Friday, 19 September 2014

The run that wasn't but then was

After last night's epic storm the air over the fields is like soup. I'm supposed to run 2.7 miles today as part of the C25K training I'm doing. It's my penultimate run. But a sleepless night, some desk hours at the office and, I'll admit, one too many coffees this morning are making me feel less like running and more like having a nap.

Then on the drive home I notice something. I can feel energy in my body. Lots of it. It's banging on the doors to get out, and making me feel powerful! So I tell myself,'Okay, I'll get home and head out for maybe 20 minutes. Not do the training run, just let my muscles move. Pick it up tomorrow.'

By the time I'm changed I'm thinking,'Well I'll do to the end of the Chalfield track and back. 25 minutes or so. Won't time it. Not a proper run.'

Then,'I'll take the phone and see how long it takes me. Just out of interest. Cos I'm not doing a proper run.'

I warm-up on the mini-trampoline (top tip there, folks) and Dooley is giving me the Can We Just Get On With It Stare. Post-stretches I'm at,'Well let's start the app anyway. See how far we can go. I can reset it afterwards. We can take walk breaks. Walk breaks are fine. Cos I'm not doing a proper run.'

Only once I start I don't want to take a walk break. It's all, 'Let's see how long before I want a walk break. Cos I'm not doing a proper run.'

And then I'm at the end of the track telling myself I'm turning back now. I am. I'm turning back now. Only I can't. I keep running, putting Doo on his lead as we get out on the lane. I run past the halfway alert and turn a while later, thinking,'Cool... but I'll probably walk some of the way home. Cos I'm not...etc, etc...'

There's no walking. I just can't. There's Old Me, throwing in the get-outs and the good reasons for them but New Me simply isn't listening. She's not stopping 'til it's done. And she doesn't. I don't. I settle into my body and feel every twinge, every breath and every footfall. It is nothing short of wonderful.

We run through soup and I sweat like a lunatic. And we do a proper run.


  1. hot diggity!!

    that is so brilliant.

    i have similar conversations with myself....and mostly the not-proper turns into proper, no matter what dreaded task is looming.

    some days are definitely harder than others...but the showing up certainly helps.


  2. I am so proud of you mate!!!!!!!