Friday, 12 September 2014


I think she's here, Autumn. The harvest moon held the door open. For us that means jackets in the early mornings, plans to stock up fire wood (a bit belatedly) and the promise of the end of the tourist season at the manor next door. This returns the lanes and the silence to us, with only the 25 residents and the handful more who work here passing through regularly.

I'm yearning for some thinking time in the dark. With a candle and a notebook, a cup of tea and a dog or two, some good podcasts and one of the pile of books I have waiting, a fire, and a sweater I can hug my knees into.

Seasonal living is wonderful. I have spent Summer tending ideas and feeding my body well. Enjoying the sun and time outdoors. Now I've harvested a whole bunch of thoughts and inspiring ideas (thank you Lisa for that little gem you dropped last night!) and I'm ready to sit down with the basket and work my way through them. See what I can weave to take with me into Winter's dreamtime.

I've discovered that in the Summer, when I imagined I'd be all awake and bouncy at 3.30, I wasn't. I've been getting up at about 6.30-7.00. But now the mornings are getting a little darker, I'm wanting to wake really early. So I'm setting my alarm a little earlier each day, hitting the snooze less and aiming for a 5 o'clock start.

I have some ideas I'm toying with for Autumn/Winter:

  • keeping this blog regularly updated
  • reacquainting myself with my camera (I have apparently forgotten how to use anything but an iPhone)
  • journalling every day
  • adding yoga back into my exercise regime (any streamed class recommendations gratefully received)
  • doing clicker training with Dooley
  • meditation
  • doing some parkruns.

If one of those sticks, I'm happy.


  1. seasonal living IS wonderful. as much as the thought of winter weather is giving me the collywobbles, the inward and the dark are my happiest places. i've gathered myself a winter syllabus of reading and am very much looking forward to the quietude.


  2. love the seasons. winter is mild here on the west coast, and it's one of my favourite times to go hang out at the beach and enjoy the ocean. I must say, I don't much mine that the days are getting shorter.

  3. I love the changing season new starts ... Think it's because I am a winter baby that I love autumn winter so much ..