Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Motivation

Yesterday evening Evie and I took the dogs for their evening walk and went out into the wheat fields where now there is stubble, and huge straw bales waiting for collection. By chance we'd headed out as the sun went down and the (very nearly) full moon rose. The sun turned the straw bales a glorious orange and we hopped up onto one, standing at a point that felt to be in the middle between the two great luminaries. 'Let's make a wish,' I said. So we did, and danced on the bale for a while. Alignment with the core, simple values was part of mine. To be truly awake, whatever awareness that brings, good or bad. I hope you get to make wishes this week and know that they can come true.

Here's what made me think this past week:

Maggie Doyne at The DO Lectures
Maggie Doyne is an extraordinary woman by anyone's standards and she was only 23 when this short talk was recorded in 2010. I already knew of her work and her story but hearing it from her own mouth and witnessing her strength...amazing.

Leonie Wise
It was my dear friend Leonie who got me into the DO Lectures. She and her husband, Nic have attended the talks more than once. But that's not why I'm listing her here. I've been really moved by Leonie's photography for years but since she moved away from us and back home to NZ, something has come alight in her. Her images reflect exactly who she is. Leonie and Nic are, I always joke, 'my friends with good taste.' Not that my other friends do not have taste, I should add, but these two...their whole life aesthetic - physical and philosophical - is pure, simple beauty. Nothing is overstated, everything is thought through. Life is considered and the resultant beauty is breathtaking to me. I aspire to this way of living even though my chaotic ways are very far from it right now! I sat and looked through Leonie's photographs the other day and tried to define why I love them so much (beyond the sheer beauty of them) and one of the things I realised was that she is not afraid of the shadows. The dark areas enrich and balance the light. And that's pure Leonie.

Canine Curriculum for children in Detroit
This is just plain wonderful. Wouldn't it be great if all school had Good Pet Guardian programmes?

I actually screamed out loud. The whole story is a good one but for the wheelbarrow, cut to 1 min 22. This is not suitable for work because noises of joy will escape you and that's probably not appropriate.


"We are born into bodies that are fluid and free. Rhythm, breath, music and movement become tools of seeing and then freeing the habits that hold us back. When we move our bodies then our hearts begin to open, when the body and the heart taste freedom the mind won't be far behind"  
~Gabrielle Roth

"It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized."  
~ The I Ching 


  1. I love the I Ching. And I marvel that for my entire acupuncture practicing years, I never ventured into the mystical side of Chinese Medicine. Now that I'm in the 'something else' portion of finding myself, it's towards the mystical aspects that I'm headed. Just because I'm not poking people doesn't mean I'm not a practitioner.

  2. Ha : ) I say the same - less professionally of course - about reiki.