Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Motivation

Why shouting quietly gets you heard
Sarah Corbett of @Craftivists is an introvert activist who uses her crafting superpowers to support the causes she believes in. She's gone onto create a movement here in the UK that is inspiring, as is this presentation.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2
Just as Louise Hay is responsible for introducing me to healing, so Joe Cross is the guy who sold me on juicing with his 2010 documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Pity I didn't actually see it until 2012. Now FSAND2 is out and I won't be waiting that long this time. Joe's as real as they come and I enjoyed this recent talk he did for MindBodyGreen.

I'm thinking you either read Mel's blog or you are indeed...Mel, so you may already be aware of wonderful place she linked to recently: Terrallectualism. Great writing. My people. Thanks Mel and thanks Mary.

Deep In The Far Away
Sarah of knitting the wind has begun this project to support her daughter's sports fund and I just love the way she's doing it. That is all.

I have a constant debate in my head over having chickens in our garden. For the idea, I have the fact that they'd have a lovely home, Evie and Charlie might have eggs, I adore chickens and we all really loved our girls when they were with us. Chicken energy is good energy. But then, we lost them to a fox raid in broad daylight. It was traumatic for Evie and me and must have been horrific for our sweet girls. I don't think I could face bringing chooks home again to an almost certain death sentence. That said, our neighbours have had theirs for almost two years now with no losses. The third of our three cottages has a duck and a guinea fowl who have been around for years (the guinea fowl is the unofficial Chalfield mascot but deserves a blog post of his own). Maybe..? I got as far as buying the makings of a secure run last summer. And finding a nice coop that I repainted. It has sat empty ever since. Dilemma. Of course Justin's story has me spinning again because it's so far up my street it's actually sitting on my sofa.

Which reminds me to mention that the photograph above is of the geese at Norrington Common, on what I laughingly call my 'commute' (I to be me). It's an old-fashioned patch of common land and is home to geese, chickens, guinea fowl (many many guinea fowl; I suspect no one sleeps in Norrington) and three generations of  the 'Norrington cows', all three of whom we've seen from birth to adulthood. There's no hurrying past of a morning, these guys couldn't care less about cars.


"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish
humble tasks as though they were great and noble. The world is moved along, not only
by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of
each honest worker."
~ Helen Keller


  1. firstly - those geese? word. brings a whole new meaning to being stuck in traffic! and how fabulous that they all congregate with their fellow fowl...*sigh*

    i usually can't watch lengthy videos (the joys of our rural internet) but i was gripped by madness and watched the DO lecture. it left me very Thinky. what a lovely person - i can SO relate to wanting to confront without confrontation!! that bit where the elderly woman started to cry because she couldn't afford to shop anywhere else really, really, REALLY got me. i'm still chewing that over -- how to "do" when genuine circumstances create barriers?....

    anyway -- lovely linkage (thanks for the mention :)



  2. That bit got me too, Mel. And I LOVED that she got right behind the alternative : )