Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Motivation

This weekend I was mostly motivated by wanting to spend time with Evie. We book-shopped, we checked out historical buildings, we planned her birthday party, we boot sale-d, we had a row (we do that quite a bit) and made up, we watched Doctor Who (okay, so that was for me) and we spent two nights in the tent in the garden with hot chocolate, popcorn and a good book. That's pretty much going to keep me powered up for the week.

There's also this stuff:

Jonathan Fields on the RRP
I was already aware of Jonathan Fields through the Good Life Project and his other work but this interview really told me much more about him. What a cool guy.

Choosing Raw
I'm finding  that I really love to eat raw these days and hope to keep it up over the winter even if it's as a smaller part of the whole. I really like Gena's blog.

Breathe Sync
Checking out the DO Lectures again I came across this fascinating app, Breathe Sync. Totally buying it. Also, it turns out that just as I'm looking for a good local yoga class, the guy who developed the app - Michael Townsend Williams - lives just down the road from us and teaches yoga in our local town.

Approaching the Natural
I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of Sid Garza-Hillman's podcast and I've finally bought his book, Approaching the Natural. It's a great read: full of information and thought-provoking ideas, all presented in Sid's trademark mix of dry humour and professional expertise (he's a qualified nutritionist and wellness coach amongst other things). It's all the better for being able to 'hear' it in Sid's voice so I recommend the podcasts as well as the book - it's just a good recipe. Also, you can sign up for Sid's occasional updates at his website and get the first chapter of his book for free before you decide whether or not to buy.

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  1. my girl and i argue and make up with great emotion. i think it's our big love. (rationalization for the crap mom moments, but also love.)