Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday Motivation

This week really was the last days of summer eh? September and the turn of the season is here - always gets me fired-up. Monday motivation is not hard for me to find this week but most of it is internal. I did my longest run yet yesterday and went from starting the C25K programme on 2 August, struggling to shuffle along in 60 second intervals, to running a straight two miles yesterday. That it's possible for a person to have done that in four weeks just astounds me. You may not be remotely interested in running but if you are and feel you can't, trust me, if I can then anyone with two working legs can.

The whole 'start with what you can do' concept, with my capabilities expanding by the day, is an enjoyable experience. And a transferable one, I'm certain. Life is interesting. So let's start this off with a quick repeat link to my fave app:

The name is a little misleading but there is a free version that carries unobtrusive ads. I upgraded to the paid version but that's just my preference. Great app, good features, nice and simple, and the training intervals are totally doable.

Jo Pavey
European Gold Medal winner in the 10,000 metres at almost 41, and only months after having her second child.

I'm a big fan of the work that Naturewatch Foundation does and have supported them for many years. Their Compassionate Shopping Guide is only £4 and very helpful if you want to shop as cruelty-free as possible.

Vanessa Almeida
Vanessa is the woman behind the excellent Essential Vegan website - there's all sorts of interesting stuff on there. This link is to the Essential Vegan Cookbook. I'm definitely buying a copy.

My beautiful boy is four today, the day we chose to be his birthday as we have no idea when it actually was. We're 90% certain that he'd be four this year, in the latter half, so September 1st and its New Start Magic seemed perfect for him. Happy birthday, Doo - you inspire me every day. xx

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