Thursday, 4 September 2014


And just like that, overnight, the well-trodden paths that led us on our early morning/late evening walks, are gone. The earth beneath remains the same and the view opens up as the nights close in. I read that it will be very warm until November but I can feel that Summer is gone. I'm not sure Autumn is ready to take over yet; this feels a bit like seasonal limbo. There's a sense of waiting to fall into the comfy armchair of the third quarter - it's both unsettling and thrilling. That's life. I love it.


  1. yes. a deep-exhale, yes.

    dwelling in thresholds, i think. like spring was for us this year, a lengthy tug-of-war between the raggedy man and the maiden.

    (you weren't kidding about the dates.)


  2. I'll live vicariously through your imagery as there is relatively few noticeable changes between seasons here, (deserts tend to be this way), and I do miss those natural markers.