Friday, 29 August 2014

So far, so great

Six weeks into 100% plant-based eating and raw 'til 4 on the majority of days, and I'm noticing a real change. I wasn't looking for weight loss but seven pounds have gone anyway. I don't think I look much lighter but I can get my 'fat jeans' on and off without undoing them and frankly they're not safe without a hefty belt. I'm not going to lie, this makes me happy. I wasn't enjoying the middle-aged spread.

But that's a nice side effect. I started this - and the shuffling>jogging>running 28 days ago - to get fit and healthy. One night aside, I've slept really well, my mind is sharper and I feel great. I have actual useable energy that shows up when I call for it. I haven't eaten anything sweet, beyond fruit, in that time and it has not been difficult which, as someone with an infamously sweet tooth, surprises me.

I've also developed an unexpected interest in cooking and recipes so that I can eat whole foods and know they're not messed with. It seems savoury is my strength. I tried cookies and tweaked the recipe. Big mistake. On the upside, that pothole in the lane has now been filled.

What I'm most interested to see is that my body has responded and strengthened so quickly after decades of crappy eating and so soon after having hit near rock bottom during The One Where I Had No Iron. Best of all, I was supposed to have a migraine this week. Because it's 'this week'. I've had one 'this week' since I was 14 and they've been getting worse. Nothing. Not even a twinge. In fact a couple of days ago Evie said, 'Mum, you haven't had a migraine in aaaages.'

I think the changes I'm experiencing are largely down to the smoothies I have for breakfast now, instead of the toast/porridge I'd've eaten before. I don't test gluten intolerant but the difference is marked now that this first meal is whole, living food. Personally, I feel more benefit from vegetables than I do fruit but veg smoothies can be pretty bleh for my palate. I miss my juicer. I had a really great one that I found, unused, in a second hand shop but then I accidentally set fire to it. Twice. Time to go juicer hunting again.

So in short: so far, so great. No downside. I don't watch what I eat, I eat whenever I like but my happier body is not asking for food/energy all the time in the way it was (see: sugar/carb cravings) because it's working on top grade fuel.

Bullet points? Don't mind if I do.

  • Grocery bills haven't gone up.
  • Cash flow is different as I will invest in food supplements (like ground flax/chia/berries) for my smoothies that can be pricey, but they last for weeks and weeks.
  • I also take a big Vit B Complex and my mega-iron pills. In a month or so I'll get my iron levels checked and see if I still need to be taking these. Happy to keep doing it; happy to stop. Come the darker days I'll add in Vit D.
  • Our food is more interesting.
  • Charlie and Evie now eat at least one vegan meal every day and both love it. Charlie has been a vegetarian for 10 years and Evie hasn't eaten meat (by her own choice) since she left China eight years ago.
  • Evie is increasingly interested in 'healthy food' and loves that I'm getting fitter.
  • I look healthier. #shallow #butmoreconfident
  • I feel healthier. 
  • Fruit smoothie but veggie juice. At least until I find my Secret Ingredient.
  • Sugar cravings? Dates dates dates. Seriously. No sugar hangover either. They got me through those tricky early days.
  • Exercise-wise, it's an incredible boost to see and feel what you can do, if you just start with what you can do. Try to move every other day, as much as you can, and your body will love you for it and respond joyfully.
  • Plant pasties. No really. Turns out they're my signature dish. Brit to the core. Don't fit in a Mason jar.


  1. OK, I've been checking in occasionally and watching from the sides and right, that's it, I'm on board with this too. All the things you've gained (and lost) are exactly what I'm looking to achieve.

  2. Oh wonderful, Thursday! I hope you'll drop in and compare notes/findings along the way.

  3. i'm with Thursday.

    i re-veggied a month or two ago -- actually, when i realized how happy our poultry is vs. the alternative [it's an effed up way to get there, but the thinking had to happen]. my concerns with veganism stem mostly from being deeply suspicious of the highly-processed 'alternatives' to dairy and whatnot [i'm positively rabid over monoculture farming and the whole soy thing makes me want to stab myself in the eye...HA! you want foaming-at-the-mouth passion? let's talk Monsanto. *takes deep breath*}} i don't know if i can get ALL the way....but i can certainly get 95%.

    raw definitely delights me.

    i'm intrigued that your grocery bills aren't going up. i think the initial investment in staples is a bit queasy-making...but yes, the quinoa i sold a kidney for, is lasting a long time.

    and the running? hells yeah! i'm super-peeved to have had to take this past week off...but my knees are almost fully recovered and i'm gonna figure this out because seriously, it feels like a million bucks.

    and, weirdly, i'm having a This Week myself, and every time i want to reach for the salt and chocolate there's this little voice in my head wondering 'what would Jo do?' -- which sounds way more stalkerish than it is and goes to show the benefits of sharing your journey.

    and now i'm going to stop monopolizing your comments section...


  4. The two of you have made my month! I don't know if we had made contact back in the days of our happy chickens, Mel. We had five until the local foxes did for them. Never again. But it was being around them and loving them, and seeing how happy they indeed were, that made up my mind that I could never eat eggs! So I get it, I truly do : )

    I ate a lot of 'alternatives' in my veggie years because it was easy but nowadays I really do try to eat whole plant foods, legumes etc and not go for the veggie option. Although I love them as the meat-free option for the less convinced among us, I'm really not going there anymore. These days, instead of a veggie burger for example, I'll use a portobello mushroom and it's nicer : ). I'll admit that having found (un)cheese after so long I do like that, but it's pricey and a special treat : )

    I think the switch from alternatives like Quorn and own-brand stuff, as inexpensive as they are really, to cooking from scratch has kind of levelled out the cost after that initial restock. Through the winter fresh veg and fruit could get pricier but this has to be my priority for me and the other two.

    Glad to hear your knees are getting better. Mine took a pounding on tarmac today after being used to a gravel/mud track and yikes...the old shoes. Saving my pennies. You'll catch me up in no time. The weather has to stop me some day soon - this is England after all : )

    Please stick around my comments section. You can have your own chair and everything.