Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday motivation

Run 1 of week 1 of Couch to 5k, done. I was prepared for it to be absolutely hideous and it wasn't that bad. True enough, my brain said,'RUN!' and my legs said,'Huh???' because it seems all these years at a desk without any regular exercise have led to my leg muscles pretty much wasting away. That's not a nice feeling but I know they'll come back. In terms of having a heart attack and not being able to breathe...not a problem. Evie, my mini personal trainer and cheerleader came with me and we chatted happily as I did my weird jog/stumble/hobble thing. (Note to self: a knee support for your left leg may be in order for a few weeks.) Pictured above: my future running partner and his cute teefs.

Here's this week's Officially Good Stuff:

But really though. A remarkable story that's just my side of crazy. Love love love.

Video of Dr Terry Wahls telling her story. Another transformation story and god knows I love those! Dr Wahls supports patients by recommending her tried and tested diet which is not vegan, more paleo, but her switch to whole foods had amazing results and continues to do so for others.

A favourite food blog started by Cara and Bob when they went vegan in 2010. I love the food, the photography and the vibe.

The same Cara and Bob went on to start Chickpea magazine, isn't it gorgeous?

Kris Carr's 10 Tips for Enjoying More Raw Food
Surely no one can talk about raw food these days without tipping their hat to Kris Carr?

I am going to be a runner. As of yesterday morning, I am a runner, albeit a slightly odd one, and I can still walk today. I like this app. If I'm running with Evie, so not wearing earplugs, I can still hear/feel the alerts; it has a halfway warning and the intervals are doable (first run is run 60 seconds/walk 90 seconds) and, when I am running with earplugs I can have Spotify or my music playing through it.

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