Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday motivation

When previously I've set about creating new habits I have, even when I've ultimately succeeded, hit some bumps in the road. Usually at three weeks and three months. In fact, with the plant-based, whole foods, 70/30 raw eating and the beginners' running, I was planning on treating myself to something nice - head, back and shoulders massage maybe - at these points. Just to incentivise the process and be kind to myself. But I forgot. Because I haven't hit bumps yet. Four weeks into the eating I only want more raw and more whole foods. Two and bit weeks into the running and I'm thriving. Being me, I have to examine this and understand.

1) When I gave up smoking I was warned,'Three weeks and three months, mate. That's when it'll get tough.' And sure enough it did, because I believed them. This time I didn't.

2) Eating delicious food that has a life energy still radiating from it (not in a sentient, nervous system way; this is not a Plants Tho situation) is beyond easy. I don't want to eat anything else because that energy transfers itself almost entirely.

3) The running app I'm using starts you off so damn slowly that even someone like me, with extra weight to carry, shot knees, wasted muscles and old shoes, can do it. And succeeding at something every other day makes you feel awesome. Also, I decided to love running so I do. For me, love is always a decision.

4) I am more aware than I ever have been that changing my life means managing that change on a daily basis. It is, as they always say, a practice. I need to be methodical and create a framework within which I can be as free as a bird. Or, in other words, give my brain something to keep it busy while the rest of me flies.

So this week's MM is all about the food and the exercise.

Straight Up Food
Cathy Fisher is a chef and teacher who specialises in vegan food that is not only animal free but also salt, oil and sugar free. There's some good information on eating healthily and a ton of everyday recipes. I like a woman who is not above using a tin of canned beans.

Forks Over Knives
First, if you haven't watched Forks Over Knives I recommend you do. Then make up your own mind. Or maybe just remember bits of it for later. Your call. The link above is to their 'success stories' and they make compelling reading. Very inspiring. The FOK team also have a great recipe app.

MindBodyGreen CEO / Co-Founder Jason Wachob hosts an event at Apple featuring a panel of wellness innovators.

Further to a Twitter discussion with Milena and Anthony, this is an article tofu!

After years in a desk job and no exercise beyond walking around fields and the odd yoga class, my leg muscles are pretty pathetic. These simple exercises will help.

I've started taking Dooley with me when I go out on my little training runs. He's a natural, sticking by my side and charming anyone we pass with his extreme handsomeness. I think that running for him, as it is for me, is calming and again like me, he needs it. This is a short, sweet how-to for anyone thinking of running with their dog. I have dreams of taking part in Canicross which frankly, looks bloody awesome.

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