Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday Motivation

It's Monday again already and here's what's had my boat afloat this week: 

Easy tips to make healthy eating stick  
How to make healthy eating part of your routine
Molly at Bold Vegan has a couple of great posts on making healthy eating a part of your routine. Her whole site is great, she's very funny and hell yes..I've always thought it was totally weird how we all suddenly switch off and lie down at night.

Hip Hop dance workout
Back in 1993 Chris Toledo was heading up Reebok's City Jam programme. I was doing some work for Reebok back then and took workshops with Chris so that I could teach City Jam. After one, he came over and told me I was 'a really great dancer'. I floated for a week. Chris is out in the public eye again now doing fitness/motivational/coaching stuff which makes me happy. And seeing this new workout, inspired by the next Step Up movie, makes me want to hit the floor again. How '90's Fitness' do they look!

Becoming vegan over 50
Running for older runners
Life After 50: Run A Marathon, Change Your Life
Firing me up by making me kick against lazy journalism is the whole 'Over 50' thing which, now that I fit that description, I see everywhere. Yes, once you pass 50 you become part of a homogeneous blob along with everyone else aged 50-100. Imagine doing that to the newborn-50s. Still, it's a useful online search tool, so there is that. The comments are the best bits on the first two.

Fletch the dog who ate fireworks

What my old-ass dog taught me about everything - a great essay on Medium.

Vending machine for stray dogs
Which I find charming and touching so I try really hard not to think about what would happen to something like this in the UK.

Robin Arzón on the RRP
Because these podcasts are endlessly inspiring. NYC runner and turner-arounderer-of-life in just two years, Robin Arzón has a great story to tell even though I get the feeling she's still only on Chapter two. 'Stay weird.'

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