Monday, 25 August 2014

Monday Motivation

It's Bank Holiday monday here today and so the heavens have opened as is the Great British tradition. I have a run to do so it had better ease up later. Or else.

Just a handful of MM today:

The easiest breakfast smoothie
This yumminess is very similar to what I have if I have a sweet smoothie in the morning. Delicious indeed.  Ella Woodward's website, DeliciouslyElla is a great resource too.

Approaching the Natural
I came across Sid Garza-Hillman recently and love both his philosophy and his podcast. This small book is next up on my wishlist as a result. You can find him online at I remain unconvinced by the hat.

Vegan Life magazine
I just discovered the first issue of this magazine and it's lovely. Recipes, news, lifestyle, inspiration, fashion, interviews, all with lots of lovely photos. I'm looking forward to issue 2.

Yep, my girl. At very nearly nine years old she is more glorious every day. And also feisty as hell. It's a winning combination. She is my motivation on All The Days.

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