Wednesday, 27 August 2014

CPE to the rescue

A thank you to Mel, Rachel, Milena and others who joined in less publicly after my last post.

Passion is a double-edged sword I suppose and it simply doesn't matter what the objective rights and wrongs are of something...people will change when and if they are ready. Most will not.

I'm returning to lessons and guidance in how to let go of my desire to control how people react to truth (and yes I believe some truths are universal). I am conflicted myself on some issues (other than the eating animals one) and it's true, when I feel I'm ready to shed another layer of illusion, I look for those who speak the truth from their hearts, I listen, and I learn. If I really want to be of service, that's what I need to do. And remember where I came from. Remember how long it has taken me to get here despite being in full possession of more facts than most. How much further I have to go.

I do believe in the power of what some call prayer although I see it more as a meditative co-creative place that, with practice, we can access. I need to spend more time in that practice, and that of being a loving presence in my own life space.

Of course I still wish there was a healthy, loving debate possible about this topic. Maybe there is and maybe I'll find it if I keep looking. For myself. And in the meantime, I'll take this from one of my heroes:


  1. that, right there, is a boatload of truth.

    it's an ongoing process, isn't it? i used to be all kinds of hell-raising activist - for animal and human rights. over time, i learned i had to fix my own patch first...which led (and still leads to) all of that contemplation and prayer you mentioned....and (i think) is the step that comes next after your other commenter stated.

    first, i'm "in my own business" - tending that patch, then i show you my soul and maybe you'll see something there that makes you consider a change....

    you are most wise, Miz Jo...and your heart is huge and wide....people can't help but be pulled into your orbit - the right people who are ready to hear you.

    big love. xoxo

    ps. *fist bump* ;)

  2. Hey Mel.
    I think it's interesting that being in one's own business can be seen as excluding caring about others. Until what? We're done? I am very much in my own business - hell knows I need to be when I'm this tangled : ) - and I'll never be done so I don't do it inside a bubble of contrived happiness that blocks out anything that harshes my buzz. These things exist entwined. They must, don't you think?
    Philosophically I'm a deep ecologist and have been for decades. Whatever path I wander down, I always come back to understanding that we are one Life and sometimes the pieces fit together in a way that's not entirely comfortable : )
    I still have shit advocacy skills despite 12 years working for a non-profit. Ha!! No desire to be a hell-raiser; no desire to cross the street and whistle a happy tune. I'm very much a fallible human at the moment, who'll be learning 'til the day I move on to the next level, and I'm also happier than I've ever been. 'Ongoing process', indeed.
    You are right of course, you can't reach all the people all of the time and I've never expected to. I guess it all feeds through the Universe somehow eventually. My human heart sure does struggle with it though.
    *fist bump* back at ya.