Tuesday, 15 July 2014


The biggest hill for me to climb is going to be my diet. I very much do not want to be consuming dairy and I do pretty well on the obvious stuff. We use nut/rice milks and I don't eat cheese, ice cream, butter, dairy-based margarine etc but damn that stuff sneaks in as an ingredient everywhere. It's in a lot of the things we eat as family staples and I am horribly lazy about the concept of doing two sets of shopping and two sets of cooking. Also, that costs more. Not much more, but more. Still, none of these things are even slightly important in the face of what I want to avoid supporting with my hard-earned pennies. It's all worth it for the animals involved and also, to be honest, the raising of my own vibration.

Which brings me to sugar because that makes me vibrate in what feels like the yummiest way, even as it poisons my body. I am a sugar lover almost from birth - my mother is still, 50 years on, an inveterate sugar dealer and I have to beat her back with a stick while she waves sweets at my daughter and calls them affection. #harsh #buttrue. Sugar has always been my nemesis. To battle it I'll have to call on some serious plant power but also do some major rewiring. I'm half joking/half thinking that I'm looking at a lifelong 'recovery' situation.

Giving up eating flesh was the easiest thing ever. Giving up cigarettes - on my fourth or fifth attempt - was only short term tough. I drink a unit of alcohol maybe twice a month on average; not every month. The dairy I can beat. I do not really have an addictive nature so as daunting as it may seem, my fight with sugar will not involve me fighting myself. But I've caved twice today already and it's only midday.

I'm going to try one day at a time. Re-educate my taste buds even if they do not wish to be re-educated.

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