Monday, 14 July 2014


In the spirit of not making a plan but instead allowing myself to go with the ebb and flow of Life for a while, with only my intuition as a lazy rudder, these are the things that I'm sensing in the swell this week:

  • My goodcrazy love for my daughter who just shines. I look at her face and everything explodes with joy.
  • My love of dancing. One of these days I'm going to end up in an accident if I don't rein in the car dancing just a teeny bit. And I'm thinking, if I'm not quite ready for regular gym again yet, maybe I should find a dance class where I'd be welcome because to be honest, I still got skillz.
  • My ability to sometimes be That Woman. The one who is very happy when she looks in the mirror and sees the hair and eyebrow game are damn strong today.
  • Oak trees. One specifically. And maybe its time to do that shamanic thing I was supposed to do months ago but didn't because I couldn't find The Tree. She found me. She took her sweet time but I guess when you're hundreds of years old six months is but a blink of an acorn. Also: she's been reeling me in for about 15 years now, no kidding. Yesterday she finally spoke.
  • Passion for something that means you don't care who you piss off because the message is more important than someone else's comfort levels (and a person's comfort levels are their own responsibility anyway).

As agendas go, it's pretty interesting.

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