Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday Motivation

My New Roots
Not 100% plant-based but a beautiful blog with some fantastic recipes. Sarah B is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. 

Choosing Raw
Gena is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and her treasure trove of a site reflects that. Gorgeous.

Nutrition Stripped
Mckel's site will appeal to those of you who are also fans of design and styling - it's beautiful! Her qualifications are numerous and listed on her About page for anyone interested. Elsewhere there's a wealth of information on nutrition, recipes and lifestyle too. Like a big old glossy magazine of goodness.

Thrive Forward
Brendan Brazier is an endurance athlete, vegan and author of  the Thrive book trilogy (Thrive, Thrive Fitness, and Thrive Foods). He now has this site which is packed full of resources. 

Nutribullet UK/ Nutribullet US
I can't stretch to a Vitamix or other superduper blender and what's more I don't need to. This thing is brilliant. Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn't take up much space, will reduce virtually any food imaginable to a smooth liquid. I love it. Evie loves it and uses it. My eight year old nephew just asked my sister if he could have one for his birthday.

Rich Roll's podcasts
I know I keep going on about them but seriously, there's now 97 and I'm listening to one a day to keep me on track over the first couple of months of transitioning. Rich interviews people from all walks of life - athletes, nutrition experts, authors, poets, chefs, musicians, filmmakers - most of whom have a story to tell about a switch to a plant-based diet but all are inspiring. Also, he's Chris the DJ for 2014. #winning

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