Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In it

Early this morning I stood in an already very warm field while the dogs trotted off to explore and do what they do. Birdsong, sheep, the jingle of ID discs on collars - that was all I could hear. The sky was bright blue and everything smelled so 'green'. Then I realised I'd forgotten my phone so I couldn't take photos and then I realised I didn't care. That's what 2014 has been about for me. Returning to life in the flesh, blood, mess and mud, and it's been wonderful. I'm still taking pictures and instagramming. I still spend time online. But I am finally getting to a place where I no longer think of everything that happens as inspiration for something digital. That was an issue in me, not the internet. I was responsible, so I made a change.

As a member of the generation that has lived the trajectory from a black and white telly and a phone on a party line, to now and device-o-rama with no sign of the journey slowing down anytime soon, I make no excuses for standing in permanent wonder at technology. I adore it. It is magic. But sometimes a field full of wheat, two happy dogs, and swallows circling your head beats it all.

Photograph Not Available.

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