Friday, 13 June 2014

A turning point

It's Solstice. The turning point as the year takes a slow curve away from the sun. In the past it would make me sad to reach this point. Sad, because SAD. This year I'm happy with it, mostly because I had a wonderful winter. I've begun to live with the seasons, not against them and it's changed everything, especially my emotional calendar.

So here we are at half-point. Here in England summer is only just beginning and July and August are usually our 'good months' if we get any. Today is perfect: sunny with a cool breeze and the odd high cloud to give a shade break. I've been gardening, reading, sitting under the trees chatting with my mother. Later I'll take the dogs to the woods and the stream.

There is a feeling of ease I'm staying open to. It takes constant returns to centre to stay on this path but the effort - such as it is - is entirely worth it. I stepped back from the internet in many ways, thinking I would not come back but yet here I am. With a clearer vision of what I want to share.

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