Sunday, 2 February 2014


As much as I am a morning person and dislike late nights, it's a bit of a treat to realise that staying up late to watch the best tv ever and, therefore, taking the dogs out an hour or so later than normal, means I get a bit of a lie-in.

So it was that the three of us headed out this morning without a torch. Yes. That is correct. Without a torch. I know. But even better than that was the pure magic of seeing the rooks and jackdaws waking up and taking to the sky. It's been a while since we coincided. Standing beneath trees with the sound of hundreds and hundreds of wings beating the air around you is breathtaking. I wish I could capture the sound but so far I haven't been able. And their chatter...I love it so much. Imagine this recording times a hundred. I'm longing for my morning starts to align with dawn again. Although instagram might start to creak a bit under the strain.

It seems fitting to mark Imbolc - the festival of awakening - with morning light. And I'm especially fond of this day for its association with Brigid who surely must the goddess of choice for all Firekeepers (although the revelation that she invented whistling could put me right off her). Happy awakening to you - light a fire, visit a spring, spend time with a willow tree. You know you want to.

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