Monday, 20 January 2014

When having the black dog at your feet is a supremely good thing

At the weekend my new phone arrived. It's not The Latest Model but it's a good upgrade (and free) and most importantly for me the camera is a vast improvement in this one. So I'm missing Instagram something awful. Ha. But a promise is a promise. It's interesting to me that the thing I miss most is sharing photographs of my dogs. Evie doesn't like to have her photo taken anymore so I can't bore followers with endless pictures of how cute she is, you just have to take my word for it, but the dogs...the dogs are almost always obliging.

Last Thursday, the 16th, my fingers were itching to post some pictures of Dooley. January 16th was the date he was due to be 'put to sleep' at the pound he was in at the beginning of 2012. An unclaimed/unwanted stray, he'd done his time there and they needed the space. Thankfully, the awesome people at Swindon's Needy Dogs could see what a great boy he is and got him out. From there, the wonderful Fionna at Lizzie's Barn in South Wales (where I also found Zoey) took him in. The following 15 months were a mixed bag for my boy but I don't care how strange it may sound - this dog was meant to be with me.

More than two years ago, while both Jackson and Nellie Bean were still with me and I had no reason to think they were about to go anywhere, I was driving to work when suddenly I found myself thinking of a black dog. I couldn't see his face but he was a medium-sized, short-coated, Lab-ish black dog. I heard,"I'm on my way. I'm on the path."

I wasn't even thinking about another dog at the time and thought perhaps it meant that I'd find a stray and help him get home. That I'd somehow be involved with a black dog that wasn't mine. Wrong. When Jackson passed away I was initially determined to find another Jack Russell - I do love them. But eventually, with no online doggie faces telling me they were mine I found myself scrolling back through Fionna's Facebook albums and there he was. I knew it was him. I'd almost forgotten about the black dog I'd 'heard' until I saw him. And when, on the day we went down to meet him, I saw his face on the other side of metal fencing and looked into his eyes all I could say was,"There he is. There he is...".

Here he is. Here he will always be.

Dooley Dog, Dooby Doo, Doo Dog.